Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kid's Art Wall

 My son had this large, blank space on his wall that was begging for something - just what, I wasn't sure.  I'd played around with the idea of bookshelves, of storage shelves and art displays.  This idea I liked, I liked a lot.  It was very simple to do and quite effective.  Everything I needed, I already had in the house (which was a bonus).
I used the same idea I just finished with in the kitchen with the DIY Wall Stick-Ons for the wall title.  Then I measured and cut lengths of hemp rope (left overs from my jewelry making days found in my craft box), knotted the ends and pinned them to the wall.  I attached clothespins on the lines and clipped up some of my son's most recent art (he just finished a week at "Bug Zone" Bible Camp - can you tell?).  He likes it, I like it (and his brother likes it too and has asked for his own version to go up in his room next).
One more project down - how many more can I get done before school starts again?

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