Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lego Birthday Party

My 6 year old turned 6 last month and I totally forgot to post the party details.  The theme for this
party was a no-brainer - Lego.  I had been looking forward to putting together a Lego party for some time now and I knew he and his friends would love it.  They did.
I looked up other Lego parties on Pinterest and I have to say that some of you are brilliant and some of you have budgets that are waaaaayyyy larger than mine.  Mine was the dollar store kind of budget.  And truly you can have a fun child's party on a dollar store kind of budget.
Fruit Loop Necklaces - always a good party starter when you are waiting for everyone to get there.

I had a Lego corner in the room for kids to play in for transitions, or if they just didn't want to play a particular game.

Ceiling decoration - I took the dollar store recangular plastic tablecloths, cut them into long strips and pinned them to ceiling to get this effect.  The result is stunning - very simple, very economical.

Duplo toss - I used part of a plastic table cloth and some dollar store plates to create the big Lego piece.  The kids had a few pieces of Duplo each to toss onto the big Lego and try to get it to land on the plate part.  They really loved this game.

Who can build the tallest tower in 1 minute?

Egg and Spoon race reinfented - Duplo in place of the egg.

Give the Lego Man his brick - a variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Food Table - we also added pizza to the lunch

Lego Cake - those are marshmallows dyed on top

The crew of kids

I made this banner, using Lego Letters for the font and found the Lego Man to glue onto the triangles.  The triangles are cut from poster paper and taped onto a string of ribbon.
 I forgot to snap a pic of the goodie bag.  It was a small bag of candy (with Lego brick candy too) and a few little toys (bouncy balls, sticky frogs, funny glasses).  On each bag was a little note for each child thanking them for coming to the party from my son.
All in all it was a busy, but fun afternoon :)


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