Monday, August 6, 2012

Handprint Art - Great Gift!

I first saw this idea on Pinterest and knew it was something I would want to do. We turned it into two presents. One for my father-in-law and one for my parents. The first is the picture we did for my father-in-law. It has handprints from all 5 of his grandchildren. Each of their names and ages are beside the prints.
The second is the one we did for my parents, using their three grandchildren's prints.
We found everything we needed for this project at Michael's: the frames with the matting inside, the matting board for the prints (I just cut to size), the white paint and a silver marker (for the names and ages). The picture with the 3 hands, we left the matting in as is, but the one with the 5 hands we cut the borders set for the pictures out - this just made it easier to fit all 5 hands - my daughter is 2 and my nephew is 19 so the sizes vary a lot with that one. Both sets of grandparents were quite pleased with these gifts. I'm thinking I'd like to have my own to hang in my own house too!

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