Friday, August 24, 2012

Coast to Coast Canada - Part 1, PEI

We went coast to coast this summer. We live on the east coast of Canada. Our family lives out west. And we had 2 vacations. The first was camping on PEI which we try to do every summer. The second was a flight out west to BC to see family. Both vacations were really wonderful. Here's a little taste of both.
First PEI, camping with friends:
 Big Bike Ride
 Spaghetti Supper
 Lazing around the campfire
 Ready to boogie board
 We bury J every year
 The manditory pic of my kids on the beach
 Me with my sleeping beauty
 A Canucks fan on the red sands of PEI
 Enjoying the beautiful scenery
 Gorgeous View
 A little local brew
 Of course we roasted marshmallows
 Anne - oh wait, that's me
 A fisherman's salute
 Cows! - No trip to PEI is complete without it - best ice cream in the world!


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