Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY Wall Stick-Ons

We've all seen them around, wall stick-ons (I don't know if that's their real name, but that's what I'm calling them. You know the vinyl stick on art pops that just adds a little something to your room. Most of the phrase ones say something like "Family" or "Live, Laugh, Love" in a fancy font. I liked this idea a lot, but I wanted my own words of choice up there.
I didn't find these words in a store (though I did look), I made them.  I bought a plain black strip of Wall Pops from Kent (my local hardware/everything store).
And because I don't own a Cricut (though it would be awesome and so much easier if I did), I typed the words I wanted out in Word, chose a font I liked and made it big (this is Matura MT Script Capitals at about a 100 pt size).  I made sure the font I chose would be thick enough to cut out by hand.  Once I had my words, I cut around them and attached them to the wall strip with tape rolls.
I then took to the task of cutting out each letter by hand.  This was time consuming, but I was watching the Olympics as I worked.  I kept each letter in a bowl as I went to keep track of them.
Once completed, I counted out how many letter spaces I had and worked from the middle of my space out to lay out my letters, carefully removing the paper and tape on top.
I'm pretty pleased with the results.  And I have lots of Vinyl strip left.  I plan on making another phrase to hang over a doorway in our living room and have a few ideas for the kids rooms as well.


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