Saturday, August 18, 2012

Haters Gonna Hate!

I get a kick out of them.  You know who they are too.  The haters.  I find them hilarious.  They spend their time stalking out articles on Yahoo! et al just to state how horrible things are.  You know, because they are so superior to the rest of us.
They come in many forms.
Form 1 - the Yahoo! readers who critique all articles ever written by a Yahoo! writer.  Granted, I've read my fair share of poorly written, poorly edited 'news' but, don't you find it comical the amount of people who write comments about how lame Yahoo! writers are?  Really?  Then why do you continue to read it?  And then spend your precious time writing about it?
Form 2 - the "This is news?" people.  Those who stalk celebrity articles: who broke up, who wore what dress better, whose child is now driving, who wrote a break up song about someone else...If you don't think an article is worth it, then why are you clicking and reading enough to comment?
Form 3 - the find a topic (usually Facebook), read the article and then claim how much better you are than the rest of us because you generally disapprove of and would never partake in the topic at hand.  Yes, yes you are so much better than me because you don't use Facebook, how silly of me to use it myself. ;)
Form 4 - The anti-bloggers - those who pour over blogs (which last I checked were personal journals written for the general amusement of those who write them) and then proceed to bash the blogger's point of view, or, feel the need to correct them on something.  Well, whatever works for you I guess.  I just find you amusing.

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