Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to Make Stuffed Letters - O's, A's and all those other tricky letters

A while back, I posted How to Make Stuffed Letters, which has been my most popular post to date. My same frustration in making stuffed letters was also the same as yours - what about the letters with the holes in the middle - they don't turn, it doesn't work. And it doesn't. I don't know if I'm the best person to try to explain how I got it to work as I'm still such an amateur at sewing, but I did indeed figure it out. What I did to get the "O" to work was this: 1: Fold the fabric so that the the pattern is on the inside and there are 2 layers. 2. Pin your letter template to the fabric 3. Cut out the fabric 4. Take off the template. Re-pin your 2 pieces together so that the pattern is on the inside. 5. Sew the outside circle of the O 6. Turn the fabric out and match the centre up (you are now looking at the pattern side) 7. Sew most of the inside circle together, leaving a hole for stuffing 8. Stuff 9. Sew the hole up. Yes, I know this isn't as neat as having both the inside and outsides turned in, but it does work. You can sew pretty close to the edge so that it still looks neat overall. I found this all out the hard way and did a lot of seam ripping and repairing. Since having these up, I've had a lot of positive comments and compliments for it. I hope that explanation helps you out!

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