Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jedi Robes for kids

I did it, I made 2 Jedi Robes for my boys for Christmas.  The long brown outer robe and the white tunic underneath, plus a belt.  I made it from a combination of an online tutorial plus my own adjustments for kid size.  This was my biggest sewing project attempt to date.  It even involved a Skype consultation with my mom when I got stuck along the way.  Because these robes were a secret project, I used the boys snowsuits and sweaters to figure out measurements.  I made them deliberately big and hemmed it up a bunch of times so they can still use them as they grow.  The online tutorial I used you can find here and found it very helpful.  I did have to make adjustments with sizing, this was only problematic with the hood.  The hood was way too big for a kid sized costume.  I ended up measuring the along the length of the neckline so get the right hood length and made the width smaller than what their tutorial recommends.  It worked.  Here's a few pictures of my process.

 Ironing the miles and miles of fabric. 

 Cutting the outline using the snowsuit.

 Pinning it together .

 Using a sweater to figure out the tunic.

My little Pad-O-Wan learner on Christmas morning.

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