Monday, February 25, 2013

Busy Teacher Mom

It is currently 11:26pm.  I am exhausted and wondering 'how did this happen exactly?'  Let's rewind:
2:15-all the students have left on the busses for home.
2:15-3:30 - return phone calls and emails, photocopy, lesson plan, mark, consult with other teachers
3:30 - head for home
3:40 - kiss kids and husband, pet dog - return phone calls and emails at home, sign field trip permission form
4:15 - get kids going on their chores, fold laundry, match socks and put away.  Assist daughter in cleaning up her 'I can do it myself messes'
4:45 - call my parents to chat while doing laundry-talk to my dad for a few minutes, mom will call back later
5:15 - visit with husband as he finishes up supper (thank goodness it is his night to cook)
5:30 - read with my kindergarten son and help him practice his words of the week
5:45 - supper - tacos!
6:10 - sit for a few minutes - chat with my daughter, catch up with my boys
6:30 - send the kids upstairs to pick up any messes and to put away their laundry
7:00 - answer phone, (my mom). Promise to call back later
7:02 - bedtime stories, cuddles and talk time with my kids
8:00- phone rings - chat with my mom and start marking math
8:40 - finish catching up - still marking math
10:00 - marking finished - takes notes on benchmark results and begin planning how to reteach math strategies
11:00 - go say goodnight to husband - in shock as I realize the clock says 11:03
11:05 - kiss husband goodnight - head upstairs, put on PJ's, brush teeth and get ready for bed.
11:26 - quick blog
11:41 - goodnight

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