Monday, February 18, 2013

Piratey Things

My daughter went to a friend's birthday party yesterday.  Her friend James is a boy.  She got herself all dressed up and ready to go. She told her Daddy that she was a princess ready for a party. I told her that actually she was going to a pirate party. She wrinkled her nose and said, but that's for boys! 
My princess ready for a pirate party.
 Once I got her all sorted out, reminding her that James came to her party which was a Minnie Mouse girl party, she did go and had a great time.  She even got into "walking the plank" on the faux pirate ship that was there.
Our party hosts gave her a couple of pirate hats and swords for her to bring home to her brothers.  This of course ended up in an arguement of "I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!" "No! I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!" To which the following conversation happened between my husband and I:
me- "one of you could be that other pirate, you know that guy..."
J-"you mean that pretty boy one?"
Me-"yeah, the elf from Lord of the Rings"
J-"I don't remember his name"
Me-"me neither, hey boys, one of you can be the elf pirate"
They didn't go for it.

Two Captain Jack Sparrows
 *Yes, I know now that the other pirate was Will Turner - thanks to my friends on Facebook for that reminder.
Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan?


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