Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party!

My daughter was very clear about wanting a Minnie Mouse party for her birthday. This is the first year that she was inviting her little friends over for her birthday. So how in the world was I going to keep a group of 3 and 4 year olds busy indoors in January without spending a fortune? The last time I threw a party for a three year old, it was for my oldest child who has the good fortune of being born in July so everything was outdoors and in the sprinklers. January is not so cooperating. I decided to plan simple, classic activities. Knowing that at this age the parents stay helped too.
Setting the party scene
Pin the tail on the donkey is classic birthday party fun.  I have done many variations of this including pin the tooth on the T-Rex and put the clue on Blue.  This time it was Pin the Bow on Minnie Mouse.  I found a picture of Minnie online and started drawing on a sheet of poster paper.  I drew bows and cut them out at hockey practice one morning before the party.  Because the kids are young they had the option of playing or not playing, and being blindfolded or not. 
Minnie Mouse drawn by me for Pin the Bow on Minnie!
We wanted to put a few girly touches into the party.  I made three of these tissue paper flowers.  I put one up in the kitchen, one at the living room window and one on the hall light.  They are super cute and super easy to make.  Here's where I found the directions.  In fact my friend Krista loved them so much she asked me to show her how to do it and made a bunch for her daughter's princess party a couple of weeks later.
Giant Tissue Paper Flower
One thing I love about the dollar store is that it is easy to find party things.  I did find Minnie Mouse plates, napkins and cups.  I also bought a pink tablecloth, the tissue paper for the flowers, pink streamers and a few pieces of poster board.  I used the black and pink poster board for the Minnie "Toodles" on the window.
The food table
Candy Hunt for the treat bags
As far as activities went, I found these colour on bags to use as their treat bags.  I had them ready for the kids to colour as soon as they arrived.  I had also hidden candy treats all over the kitchen and living room for the kids to find - kind of like an Easter Egg hunt.  Once they found all the candy and put it in the bowl I split it evenly between the lot of them. 
Eat the doughnut off the string - no hands!

This activity was really cute and a lot of fun.  I had seen it on Pinterest as an outdoor game.  They had it as "The Doughnut Tree".  I adapted it for the indoors.  I secured a line of ribbon across the end of the room and tied doughnuts on strings to it.  We made sure the doughnuts were hanging at mouth level for the kids.  I also put a tablecloth on the floor to contain the crumbs.  The kids went away at trying to eat their doughnut without touching it.  What a hoot!

Fruit Loop Necklaces
We also went for the classic Froot Loop Necklace, which was a much quieter, but still fun activity.

Never underestimate the joy of putting out a bunch of balloons and putting on some dance music!
My husband thought I was nuts when I said one of the activities would be just letting the kids dance with balloons but it was probably the favorite activity of the day.  You just have to be prepared for a little craziness!
The Cake
Once these activities were done, we had the food (cheese pizza from Costco, some chips, fruit and veggies and apple juice), cake (homemade - check out the details here) and opened presents.  And that was it.  A successful 3 year old birthday party.  Kept it on budget and still a lot of fun!

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