Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Night Post

My poor blogs have been suffering from a case of "the busies".  Not them being busy, but me being busy and not posting.  I always have the greatest of intentions to post (trust me, you should see the back log of pictures of food waiting to go onto Whatcha' Eatin'?).  I also have a backlog of teaching successes to share with my teacher friends, parenting updates and even a few crafty bits to share on here.  Those great intentions are more and more sidelined by...well life really.  Living life with my family.  The time for blogging slips away as I teach 8 and 9 year olds how to multiply and use proper punctutation in their writing.  It goes as I go once again to cheer on my favorite 5 and 8 year old hockey stars.  It goes as I juggle all 3 kids attending 3 separate birthday parties at the same time.  It goes as 100 day and Valentines Day come and go and Winter Carnival begins its approach.  And when I do sit down I realize that book stack I bought with my Christmas money has barely been touched because the only time I have left in the day is a half hour to myself where a glass of wine and the Big Bang Theory is just so darn appealing.  And I look back and see the best times I've had blogging are in the summer and Christmas Breaks and mat leaves.  So my dear blogs, know that I do enjoy you and you are missed.  March Break is a couple of weeks away and we will catch up a bit then.

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