Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Storm Day in the country - City Life vs. Country Life

Yes it is November 23rd and yes we are having our first storm day/snow day of the year. Last year in the city my son went to school on almost every day it snowed. There was one exception and it was a particularly bad snowstorm. Even for that the teachers declared was a very rare occurrence as school had never been cancelled during many of their careers. Out where we live now most schools are busing dependent. The transportation department likes to keep it safe for the kids, so if it's bad, we stay in. There was no snow on the ground when I was first up at just before 6, but the storm alert was there and sure enough the school cancellation memo was up on the district website at 5:57. Snow started falling at 7. And I'm glad I didn't have to commute in today. It's pretty much a white out right now. Earlier in the day, my boys took advantage of the snow, our large, hilly backyard and their new sleds and had a blast. Once they were finished and sipping hot chocolate inside, I put their sleds back into the shed. Looking across the street I saw the ATV crew out and about, slip sliding around on the main streets. That's a sight you would never see in the city. ATV's are really big out here. There's lots of trails nearby and it's a real community thing. I just hope they are careful and back inside now that the storm has gotten bad.  Here's a bit of our morning:

                                             My daughter, enjoying the warmth of inside.

                                                        My oldest, showing off his new sled

                                                          My other son doing the same

                                                                    Down the hill

                                                                 So much fun!

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