Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Snowman Fridge!

I cannot take credit for this super cute idea, I saw it posted on the Facebook Wall of a radio station I enjoy.  I can take credit with making it kid friendly.  The original picture I saw had all the pieces in paper taped to the fridge - I know my toddler girl would have that destroyed super quick.  These pieces are all felt with magnet backing, so she can pull them off and put them back on with minimal disruption.  Gotta think like a toddler to be slightly more clever than they are!

Black Felt
Orange/Red Felt (I couldn't find orange, so red went in its place)
Green or another colored felt for the scarf
Magnet tape

Cut 2 large circles out of the black felt for eyes.  I doubled the felt over and cut the two layers simultaneously so that the circles matched.
Cut 8 smaller circles out of the black felt for the buttons and mouth.
Cut a large, 'carrot-shaped' triangle out of the orange/red felt.
Cut 2 long strips out of your scarf felt (green on ours) -leave one the length of the fridge, cut the other in half to become the other pieces of your scarf.
Cut out strips of magnet tape.  I cut 3cm pieces and then cut those lengthwise to make skinny strips.  Attach the magnet tape to the felt pieces.  The Eyes have 4 strips on each, at the edges.  The buttons and mouth pieces each have one piece down the middle.  The nose has 3 strips.  The scarf has 6 strips and the extra scarf pieces (the hanging down bits) each have 3 strips.  Total magnet tape strips = 31

This took about half an hour to make from start to finish.  I can't wait for my kids to see it in the morning - my husband had a good chuckle over it :)

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