Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter/April Fools

I got to celebrate Easter yesterday and took some gorgeous pictures of my kids outdoors. Unfortunately, the cord for my Macbook is shot and I am currently running on the generosity of my husband to use his instead. Therefore my pics are stashed into my iPhone. I just read that back to myself and realized what horrible grammar I used there. 
Ooh, I just went to upload the picture of my annual April Fools Breakfast via Instagram to Facebook (dyed pancakes and milk) and saw there was an option to upload from your phone.  Let me try it.  First, here's the April Fool's Breakfast:
Well, while Google+ is installing on my iPhone, here's a few snippets of our home for the long weekend.
It's been a mixed bag of good and not so good.  The not so good is that I've been recovering from a virus that kept me home from work for 3 days last week.  Weird virus, I still had energy to do stuff, but my doctor wanted me home so I had a sense of guilt of not being at work which translated into me doing a great amount of work at home.  I got my house cleaned.  I got my taxes (and my hubby's taxes) done - oh yeah me!  I got an insane amount of episodes of How I Met Your Mother watched.  (thank you Netflix)  Okay maybe that last one wasn't so productive in a good way, but it was productive in the way of my resting and wellness right?  By the end of the week, my hubby wasn't feeling all that great either which meant we cancelled our company for Easter.  :(  Not so happy about that, but we really didn't want to get anyone else sick.
In the good news, the weather out here has been fantastic.  At least in the sense that Maritime weather can be.  We had a couple of runs out to the beach (10 minutes down the road - love that!).  My dog loved that too!  Nothing like an empty beach for a dog to have a good run.
Easter services were great.  This is the first Good Friday service I've been too in years.  My kids are all old enough now that I can take them to a church service without Sunday School and have them sit (mostly) quietly and respectfully through it. 
Easter Sunday itself I spent teaching Sunday School.  I found a great little treat for the Sunday School Kids that tied into the Easter lesson...which I will post pictures of later because apparently Google + can't access my photos that were taken before the app was on my phone (lame).  Well I guess that's all then really. Happy Easter and Happy April Fools :)

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