Saturday, April 27, 2013

3 Year Old Problems

It must be a rough life being three. Here are a few complaints my daughter has had recently:

-getting toothpaste on her Barbie's hair
-Mama put her socks on before she could put on her pants
-can only find one fancy shoe
-her muffin broke
-part of the cheese slice is stuck to the wrapper
-the sun is still up at bedtime
-Daddy didn't look in enough places in hide in seek before finding her
-the dog's tail brushed against her in the kitchen
- she can't find her butterfly socks that match her butterfly pants and shirt
-her favorite PJ's are in the laundry
-Mama did 2 ponytails instead of 3
-her squash is touching her chicken on her plate
-Mama brushed her teeth and now Mama smells minty
-someone else wants to go down the slide at the park that she wants to use
-her brothers are playing NHL 13 when she wants to watch Barney
-the only clean pants she has are jeans

The morning I was almost late for work because this little one could not find her butterfly socks.  We did.  She's wearing them here and being a butterfly.

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