Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mom and Dad Getaway!

My husband and I have not had a vacation just the two of us since before we had children.  Our oldest will be 8 this summer, so I think we were a little overdue.  We have had the occasional night away, but those have been few and far between.  My Mom very generously offered to fly out to care for the kids so that we could take a trip to Toronto for J's graduation.   This was my first time away from our 2 year old ever.

Being away just us was something of a treat.  I slept in and not the Mommy sleep in of 7am instead of 6, but like 9am.  We went out for drinks at 10 a few times (past bedtime).  And I got to have a good wander and shop around Toronto - (the joy of buying shoes without little ones bored in the store).

Here's a little pictorial from our 4 days away.
 Waiting at the airport to go - we're a little excited, can you tell?
Outside our hotel on Queen Street W. in Toronto
The view from our room, 26th floor, looking out to the CN Tower
Looking down to the pool - we had a nice little afternoon dip the day we arrived.
Gyros in Greektown - yummy treat!
Lunch the next day at Chipotle.
Little wander around downtown.  They were doing some on site filming for the Oprah Winfrey Network that day.
Afternoon martini - something we never do :)
At our anniversary dinner at Ethiopia House - so glad we went here and tried it out.  What a fantastic restaurant experience!
Dinner at Ethiopia House - we had a mixed share plate - no utensils, just the bread
We completed the meal with the coffee ceremony afterwards - more on that on a future post!
Graduation supper before the ceremony.
Here he is all graduated!
Farewell Toronto.


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