Friday, February 10, 2012

Mama Made Dress for Boo

I picked up this polar fleece material from the remnants basket last year.  I had in mind that it would make a great winter dress for my dear daughter.  Being me and not one to follow patterns so much, I thought, it can't be that difficult to make a little A-line dress.  And it wasn't.  At least, not after I found a tutorial via Pinterest.  (I can't say enough about Pinterest!  Loving it!).  The tutorial I found at From the Blue Shed (thank you!) confirmed exactly what I thought would be true.  If I just trace one of her current A-line dresses a little bit bigger, I could make a new dress.  She was also kind enough to mention things like 'clipping along the neckline and sleeves' to finish those off properly.  Her dress  has beautiful pockets on it, which I didn't do.  I did take her idea of making one sleeve fasten with a button - so cute!
My daughter saw me start this in the evening before her bedtime and knew it was for her.  The first thing she did in the morning was find the dress, pick it up and say, "oooh!  pretty!  mine dress!"  and promptly demanded to wear it that day.  (BTW - this was literally that simple to make, I made it in one evening, and that included fixing the fact that I first sewed it together with the back on backwards - the result of sewing tired, but the sewing did relax me, so it all evens out).
Here's my daughter modelling her dress in the early morning before going to daycare - we leave the house before 7am each day, hence the darkened windows and sleepy eyes.
Yes, she did get into modelling for me, and turned around to show the back, but would only pose for a couple of pictures - the life of a 2 year old!

*On a side note, we've been getting more than a few comments lately about how much people think our daughter looks like Boo from Monster's Inc - the big brown eyes, the was once I put this dress on her that I realized how right they are!  Take a look:

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