Saturday, February 18, 2012

100 Day!

My son had 3 assignments for 100 day this past week. 100 Day is a much celebrated event in the primary grades. You can't just let the 100th day of school pass by without a lot of hoopla you know.

His 3 assignments were:
1. Make a poster using 100 something, the more creative the better
2. Wear 100 something to school
3. Bring a collection of 100 something

My son's  100's:
1. The Poster
I took a picture of the school principal.  We used scrapbook paper from my craft box and he cut out 100 ties.  Behind the ties are scrapbook border stickers to be the tie racks.  I was super proud that he would do all that cutting and make something like this.

2.  What he wore
Thank you Pinterest for this idea.  100 googly eyes glued on with applique glue.  I used a fabric marker to draw around it to make this 100 Eyeball Alien Shirt.

3.  The Collection

See the ziplock baggie - it's full of hockey cards, of course!  What else would my favorite little hockey player bring as his collection?

All and all a successful 100th day of school!


1 comment:

  1. Wow, your son is super lucky, Kris!

    I'm doing great if I remember to send Andrew to school in red on Valentine's day!

    Love the shirt.