Saturday, October 22, 2011

Toddler speak

My dear girl is an absolute ball of cuteness lately (I love this age for kids). She's talking a lot and more and more her words are speaking in short phrases. Some recents include:
Go, go, go!
Hockey brudder!
Oh Man! (thank you Dora)
Thank you! (love that one!)
No Mama! (don't love that one as much)
She's also quite comical, and will on purpose answer "Meow" when asked what does a doggie say - usually with a cheeky grin.  She'll also say, "bye, bye" in response to "I love you" and call me "Daddy" and Jonathan "Mama" - still with a cheeky grin attached.
I love watching her play as more and more of the pretend play comes out.  Her favorite things to do include pushing her dolly stroller around and around and around, wearing one mitten (mittet) ever so stylishly around the house and driving her little people bus around.

My girl, complete with cheeky grin, wearing my shoes!

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