Saturday, October 1, 2011

Amber at Crappy Pictures Blog posted how she tortures her child with sunscreen application yesterday (you can read it here), which got me thinking about all the various tortures my children are under. The ongoing daily torture (which thankfully seems to be going away) is brushing teeth. "TEETH?!" is the big disbelieving cry that I hear after asking if they've brushed theirs that morning. You'd honestly think I'd asked if they could chop off a finger or something. Teeth, however, has nothing on TRIMMING NAILS! Especially if toenails are involved. It's a regular screaming, crying fun fest around here when that happens. For some reason, fingernails seem to be somewhat manageable, but maybe they have different sensors in their feet because toes are torturous! The latest and most frustrating is changing my daughter. Not diaper changes, but clothing. She loves her pajamas and gets so screaming mad when I dress her in the morning. Once she's dressed she's fine, but getting her there has become a real fight. And isn't that the most bizarre thing of all, the hugest protest in the world one minute which changes to complete happy singing child the next?

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