Thursday, September 2, 2010

I've been creative - a re-post (or the Taggie Blankie)

This is the little taggie blankie I made for O. the other night. I used stuff I already had. The blankie part is two pieces of the pink chenille I had leftover from the little quilt I made her. The ribbon is from piles of ribbon that I've kept just in case. This was really easy to do. I cut the chenille into two equal sizes and then put them together so the 'good' sides were facing each other. I then cut 10 pieces of different ribbons into different lengths (about 3-4 inches each). I folded each ribbon in half and then sandwiched the fold inside the fabric, leaving a tail out. The tails I folded over the fabric on each side and pinned on. I then sewed around the edges of the blankie, making sure to reinforce the ribbons. I left a 2 inch hole and started to turn the blankie out to the good side. It was then that I realised that I had pinned the ribbons backwards. So here marks the first time my seam ripper came in handy. I took out all the thread that was holding in the offending ribbons. Re-folded (correctly this time), reinserted and sewed it all together again. This time when I turned the blankie out, it looked great. I sewed the opening shut and decided to go around the whole thing once more to give it a finished look. The result I think is cute and more importantly, O. loves it!

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