Thursday, September 2, 2010


One thing I look forward to each year is decorating cakes for family birthdays (or other random events that involve cake). These were my boys' cakes for their 2010 birthdays. My cakes are made from scratch and the designs are me being creative. I did take a cake decorating class with my mom about 10 years ago (I can't believe it was that long ago!). She's recently got back into decorating with a group of friends (one who runs her own catering/cake business and makes the most beautiful cakes). I just like to do it when the time calls for it.
If you are visiting from Pinterest, thanks for checking my cakes out!  I've updated this post to link back to my recipe site that has a few more cake details on it.  The Cars Cake can be found here and the Spider-Man Cake can be found here.


  1. Leo would FLIP for a McQueen/Mater cake!! We just discovered Cars last month and he loves it. What a great idea! The spiderman cake is rocking too - perfect likeness :)

  2. I love the template for this blog! so cute

  3. How do you have time? Both cakes look great!

    I agree with Skyy-Jessica love the look of your blog!