Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm being crafty again

A few years ago when I first started to sew, my first projects were these softies for my 2 boys and my niece. They weren't pretty but they were cute in an ugly cute kind of way.  And I was proud of them, my first sewing project since grade 8 Lifeskills. 
My boys sofites

My niece's softie
 Well, who knew these things would catch on?  The softies are pretty simple really, just two pieces of fleece cut out, sewn together and stuffed.  Add a little face with a couple of buttons and embroidery thread and voila!  Both my boys still have theirs on their bed.  And my niece has dubbed hers "Ugly Teddy" and takes it with her everywhere she goes.

My Niece with "Ugly Teddy"
My daughter was not around in the fall of 2008 when I first made these.  She was not to come until early 2010.  Recently, the Blue Bear softie has been renamed "Tweebie" by my husband as part of a new bedtime ritual with all the stuffed animals that brings our youngest son and our daughter into hysterical laughing.  It has also raised the question in her mind - "where's her Tweebie?"  So using a couple of pieces of purple fleece I had stashed in my sewing box, Purple Tweebie is coming along slowly but surely.  I will post pictures when she is all finished.
*Thanks to my friend Jill for her original softie tutorial, reposted at her blog Jill is dreaming of...
You can also check out her current giveaway for a really cute tea cozy :)

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  1. yay - can't wait to see the new softie! Thanks for the link ;)