Saturday, May 25, 2013

Country Life Down Shore

My country life happens to be in a little community that is connected to other little fishing communities along the Bay of Fundy.  I also happen to teach at the little school here.  A few of the staff have lived here their whole lives, so down shore living is the only way of life they know.  
The other day one of the teachers on staff mentioned needing to pick up some dulse to give to one of the ladies at district office in town because she had knit her boys sweaters last winter.  The principal (who doesn't live down shore) and myself (who has lived in many places) roared with laughter at the notion of that...paying someone in dulse for goods.  It just sounds like something you would hear in movies about hick living and not real life.  No wonder my family out west wonders where the heck did we move too!
Dulse (btw) is a form of dried seaweed that is harvested out here.  It is very salty and many people love to snack on it.  I am not fond of it myself but I know many who eat it like it is the greatest snack ever.

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