Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just the two of us

Tonight, my hubby was out (working). And I had one of those brilliant mom moment ideas. I caught the attention of my oldest child and whispered in his ear, "Let's get the little ones to bed and then you and I can have some Mom and kid time". He beamed at this. Normally, I'm the pretty strict bedtime kind of Mom, but it's March Break, let's bend a few rules. I sent my oldest (8) downstairs for his own devotional time while I did bedtime with my younger two. Once they were all tucked up tight for the night and I was pretty sure they were actually sleeping and not just fake sleeping, I crept downstairs myself. I sent him back up on a few secret missions with the warning that if he woke his brother or sister the game would be over. He brought up my laptop and our movie while I made hot chocolate and caramel popcorn. We then snuggled up in my room and had a little cozy time, just the two of us. Sometimes I need that reminder that parenting is not all about keeping the rules and routine. Sometimes the best parts are the moments we take advantage of just to enjoy. This is one of those memories.

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