Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Kids - snake bubbles

I saw this great, super-easy idea on Come Together Kids.  This kept the kids busy outside for a good while and used things we had around the house anyway.  All you need for the bubble maker to make this is a plastic bottle, an old sock (or facecloth) and an elastic band.
You take the plastic bottle and cut off the bottom (I used a Gatorade bottle and a single serving milk bottle).  Cut the old sock into a square large enough to cover over you bottle end with extra hanging over.  Use the elastic band to secure.
The bubble mixture was just a small bowl of water with a squirt of dish soap.  Mix together a little.  Dip you bubble maker in and then blow out of the top = bubble snakes! 
*Be sure to teach your kids to only blow out of the bubble maker, not breathe in, you they will find themselves with a mouth full of  bubbles (not fun!)

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