Saturday, March 17, 2012

Charlotte Diamond!

Charlotte Diamond called me at my house this week! I'm seriously excited by this. For those of you who are not relating to kids music on a regular basis you may be going Charlotte who? She is a fantastic children's singer from BC. I've known her music for years now. Her songs are by far the most requested for re-visits from my littlest students. So how did it happen that she called me this week? Well, I'm getting my choirs ready for Music Festival. There was a song I really wanted my junior choir to perform but I could not find it in sheet music format. You have to have 3 legal copies of the song for use in festival (one for the adjudicator, one for the accompanist and one for yourself). So I had given up and selected a different song. That song simply was not working with the choir and this other song kept popping in my head. So I headed back on over to Charlotte Diamond's website and sent a message explaining my situation and asked it there was any way I could purchase single copies of the song I wished to use. At lunch there was an email from my husband, "Charlotte Diamond called, you can photocopy her song from the book, she will write you a letter of permission". What? She called my house herself! How fantastic is that!!!
He knew I would be excited to hear the whole story. He did clue in during the conversation that it was Charlotte Diamond, the children's singer. He didn't realize until I got home that she is the one who sings "I am a Pizza" - that thrilled him - it's his favorite to sing with our kids. Anyways she and I emailed a couple of times over the next day as I found out that the festival will in fact accept a photocopy of the music as long as I attach an original letter from her. She very kindly and graciously wrote the letter of permission for me and I'm just so happy about the whole darn thing!


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