Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Bucket List

My brother has a very cool bucket list. Just recently he worked backstage at a Megadeth show. He can also check off eating snake and being in a music video. Truthfully, I wouldn't want to do at least two of those things (I can check off working backstage, but mine was for Shakespeare, not Heavy Metal). But I think it's very cool nonetheless whenever he tells me about something new he's been up to. It's gotten me thinking about my own bucket list. Yet to come usually involves travel experiences (one day I will visit the Holy Land and go on an African Safari) more than adventurous pursuits. My dream list would include things like eating at the kitchen table experience of one of Gordon Ramsay's Restaurants or being on the Amazing Race (please start accepting Canadian contestants!).  Okay, and I'm a little jealous about the music video cameo ;)
As I reflect are 10 cool things that I can cross off my bucket list.
-been to a Paul McCartney concert (truly fantastic!)
-driven across Canada (a must for all Canadians!)
-parasailing (I'm really glad Dad and my brother talked me into this one, amazing!)
-gone to an All Star Sporting Event (my brother and I went to the Home Run Derby in Seattle)
-seen both the World Series Trophy and the Stanley Cup
-been up many tall places including the Eiffel Tower, The CN Tower, and the Empire State Building
-given my testimony to Nicky Gumbel in front of a whole conference of people
-been part of a game show audience (Wheel of Fortune and the long gone Classic Concentration)
-ministered on the streets of New York
-taken ballroom dancing lessons
And just for fun, here's the video my brother is in - he's the guy adjusting the mic at about the 3 minute mark :)


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