Thursday, January 5, 2012

Possibly the worst Christmas ever and our entry out of it

My lack of blogging and doing anything in general lately has been a reflection of my extremely busy time leading up to the Christmas Break followed by a period of being sicker than I've ever been to my recollection. It turns out that I had pneumonia, not the flu and am now on some pretty heavy duty antibiotics which have me feeling somewhat normal again. In the midst of all of this (because there is never a convenient time to be sick), one of my husband's good friends passed away. Fortunately, the kids have weathered through this pretty well. They got lost in the Christmas excitement (even if mummy was spending a lot of time sleeping on the couch). I'd say they had a great time and we still have a few days left of vacation to stuff some fun into. We are now in the midst of some serious fingerpainting, drawing, puzzle making, lego creating and storytelling kind of times.

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