Saturday, September 24, 2011

City Life vs. Country Life - Hunting Season

Yesterday, I got to work and one of my colleagues was saying that she hoped she didn't miss it by being on a field trip that morning. Miss What? I wondered. Well, apparently, Moose Season just opened and quite often if someone bags a moose, they will bring it by the school for the kids to see. After work, I picked up my two youngest kids. I had to stop by the store on the way home to get some milk. (The store really is THE store, it's the gas station/pizza place/video store/liquor store/convenience store). As I pulled in, I saw a crowd around a pick up truck and I knew. I said to my 4 year old, "Do you want to see a moose?" "A moose?" "Yep, a dead moose is in that truck honey" "What?" "It's hunting season and that hunter got a moose" He was quite fascinated with the idea of it. And it really is quite something to see. The admiration of the crowd. The pride on the hunter's face. It's all part of living in the country. Someone's eatin' BBQ tonight.

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