Monday, January 10, 2011

How do you Craft?

I'm just curious if others have a craft group of sorts?  It used to be that quilting circles and sewing bees were common things, but not so much now.  Am I mistaken?  Or has the internet allowed a resurgence of crafting 'together' but still apart as we meet online to share and mail away?  I've been attempting to host a twice a month "Stitch and Bitch" group with some success.  The other women who have come have enjoyed it, I know I certainly have.  And I'm hoping it continues.  What about you?  Do you craft alone? or with others?
Most of my crafting happens at night after my kiddos have gone to bed and I get an hour or two to myself.  Are you like that?

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  1. Hey...I craft when ever I get a chance. I have a desk set up in my spare room that I run to when the kids are either napping or playing. Also our church has a craft group. We meet every other Friday night to craft together. Most women scrap book and card make but there is a couple who sew, paint and rug hook. I always enjoy crafting with others its fun to have other women to help out with a project your working on.