Monday, January 31, 2011

Bird Mobile

Since I've started crafting, I have been taking a look around at what other crafters are doing and posting.  One my favorite discoveries is Maggie and Sparrow.  Kathryn is a quilter from Down Under, who hand quilts all of her projects.  I think they are gorgeous.  Her mobiles caught my eye and seeing as I have no travel plans to Australia in the near future, I thought I would try my hand at my own.  You can see one of hers here.

I chose birds as the theme I just love these little birds.  I think they are so sweet.  These little birds are on my daughters snuggly quilt that my mom made her when she was born. 

Here's my daughter's little corner of the house.  She shares a room with us, but I still tried to make a nice little nursery corner for her.  The fabrics for the mobile are the same as the stuffed letters I did with her name this fall.

Here's how the mobile turned out.  I took a lot of shots of it, trying to get it in the best light.

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  1. Love the Birdies! I went to Metro Town today in Burnaby and saw a great canvas bag with three of these birdies on it....sitting on branches with appliqued green leaves. It looked wonderful!
    Love M