Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Making a Photo Album Book Cover

I'm one of those people who try to figure out how to make stuff off the cuff.  Now that I'm more comfortable with sewing and using my sewing machine,  I wanted to figure out a little project on my own.  So I thought to do this.  Friends of ours have a son who loves taking pictures.  We figured a photo album would be a nice gift for him.  I thought I'd personalize it with an album cover. 
I took a fat quarter and lay the album on top of it.  I cut around the perimeter, giving an extra 3 inches on either side and an extra inch on the top and bottom.  I then sewed up the edges. 

I then measured where the fold would be on both ends, pinned it and sewed up the line.  I checked to make sure the fit was good.

I finished it off by hand sewing his first initial, "B" with embriodery thread.  I'm not great at this yet, but I think it worked out okay. 

The word back from his mom was that he loved the album, especially the B on it. 

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