Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Easy Bookshelves for Kids' Rooms

I have a confession. I can be a big procrastinator. Not news at all to my husband or my parents, but something I generally can cover up at work.  I first saw this bookshelf idea before we left Toronto, in 2011.  The bookshelves are actually spice racks from Ikea (called Bekvam).  They sell for $6.99 each and are very easy to put together.  Knowing we were moving that summer into our new home in the Maritimes, I picked up 9, 3 for each of my children.
As with many well intentioned projects, the bookshelves were put aside.  They lived on the top shelf of my daughter's closet among baby blankets and a Costco size box of diaper wipes.
I am very pleased to say that this summer was the summer the racks made their way out of the packaging and onto my children's walls.  It really is one of those easy projects that looks so cute that I can't believe I didn't do before now.  Here are the results:
Little Miss O looking through her new bookshelves

J's room

E's shelves and bulletin board that I had hidden away too
I have to say as I was measuring, leveling and drilling that this kind of work would have been much more useful to learn how to do in my grade 8 shop class than making a wooden tool rack.

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