Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hockey Night

I let my boys stay up tonight for game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  As a family we cheer for Vancouver, but my oldest also loves Boston (who knew peer pressure would end up with such a hockey affiliation).  As the game was starting and I was listening to the Hockey Night in Canada opening I had such an overwhelming rush of sentimentality wash over me.  30 years ago that would have been my brother and I on the couch watching on our parents' old 12 channel TV.  HNIC was family time.
30 years later it does my heart some good to know we are all still watching.  The venues and styles have changed boys and I on the east coast watching the game streamed on my Mac, my parents on the west coast watching on CBC on their flatscreen and my brother in Taiwan watching on his specialty sports channel, it is still family time.  
My boys staying up for the game, my 6 year old conked out at about 9:20 and my 8 year old made it to just past Coaches Corner before we made him go to bed.

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  1. Hi Kristen -- my hubby is a hockey fan (roots for Boston) too! Sports definitely spans the generations and brings everyone together.

    I'm passing on a Liebster Blog Award that I was tagged in -- it's a fun way to get to know other bloggers, so please check it out and tell us more about yourself!

    take care - Nanny Dee