Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day Breakfast for the kids

April Fool's Day is a very tricky little day in our household. The kids love it, BUT, they don't love thinking people are laughing at them. This year, I decided to go with things that were just a little bit fun and silly. Breakfast was my main target. Add a little food coloring to pancake batter and milk and voila:
                                             Colorful Pancakes
                                             Blue Milk anyone?
                                                      My delighted 7 year old
                                                  "April Fools!"
                                                            Orange Pancakes!
In addition I played 2 more little jokes on my family this year. The first was putting some tissues into the toes of their shoes and the second was writing a April Fools! on a piece of paper that went into their sandwich at lunch. The second idea I remember my mom doing to me when I was little.

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