Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Teapot has a new hat!

Once upon a time I had a beautiful blue teapot with a lovely tea cozy made by my mum. Being a tea grannie, this was one of my favorite things. Unfortunately, there was a small incident involving said tea pot, cozy and a stove burner that left me teapot-less, tea cozy less but lesson learned to not leave my tea pot on the stove. My teapot was replaced with my cute little white one, but for the past year I have not had a cozy to warm my tea. One sewing machine later, I figured this would be a good little learning project for me. I chatted with my mom who makes her own tea cozies and read an online tutorial at The Rusty Bobbin to give me direction and just went for it.  It's made with 2 fat quarters (the inside fabric is a simple teal that matches the ribbon and daisy dots and a little bit of quilt batting.  I know it's a little wonky, but I think it's kinda cute.  It looks like a 1920's hat when it's lying flat.  And now, my 2nd cup of the tea in the morning will be warm.

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