Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hockey Mom times 2

Yep, that's right I now have 2, count 'em 2 hockey players in the family.
My big boy, playing Novice 2

My little boy starting IP 1

I am loving this dual hockey thing.  So far, so good.  Very busy though.  We've had several Saturdays now where we are at the first rink on the ice at 9-10 for one and then a run across town to have the second on the ice for 10:45.  Next week we have lucked out with back to back ice times at the same rink starting at 7:45.  (Kinda wondering what this will be like in 3 years if my daughter decides she wants to play too)
What I am amazed with in watching my youngest is thinking back on how for my oldest has come in 3 years of hockey.  He was the wobbly footed 5 year old skater, proud as punch to have a stick in his hand.  He's now faster footed that any of us in the family and has that hockey stride going on.  Where my 5 year old is figuring out how to push the puck down the ice, my 8 year old is working on a fairly decent and accurate wrist shot.  My youngest is starting to skate backwards a little, and my oldest skates backwards with confidence to play defense.  I'm really impressed with the coaching for both boys this year.  My little guy gets the small group attention that a beginning skater needs.  My oldest has noticed that practices have been kicked up a notch and they are drilling him hard and it is paying off.
So happy hockey season out there fellow hockey moms!  See you at the arena with a cup of Tim's in your hand :)

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